© Quickshine Ltd 2010 QUiCKSHiNE®  Pod-Caretm  Gadget Care Spray The QUiCKSHiNE Brand is trusted the world over. Now we bring our expertise to a new product for cleaning and care of your gadgets.                                                                                           For Pods, Pads, Phones, PDA’s, Laptops and all touch-  screen gadgets, and displays and plasma screens.  CLEANS AND SHINES  Cleans and Shines plastic and metal surfaces Removes grimy marks and dirt. Keeps touch-screens clear of smudges and fingerprints. Leaves a high gloss finish and takes only seconds to apply. STATIC SHIELD  Leaves an invisible shield which works like a force-field to actually repel dust and grime. Keeps the surface of yoiur screen looking and feeling as fresh and shiny as the first time you took it from its box. NO STICKY RESIDUE  QUiCKSHiNE LEAVES NO RESIDUE, Just a dry, immaculately clean surface.   QUiCKSHiNE Pod CareTM  the Gadget Care Spray SAFE to use on all gadgets, from pods, pads and phones, to laptops, consoles, GPS, Plasma Screens 3D glasses Pod-Care Corporate Website Do you really want greasy finger marks and smears on the screen during your next powerpoint presentation? Keep QUiCKSHiNE handy, you can trust it to keep your Laptop looking smart. QUiCKSHiNE Pod Caretm will spruce up the screen and all plastic and metal parts in no time. That large in-car navigation screen soon gets grimy.,and when the sun shines all you see is the dust and finger marks. And portable GPS gets thrown in the clove comparment or in the trunk, and picks up dust and dirt like a magnet. QUiCKSHiNE Pod Caretm will spruce keep your GPS on the right track, and it is perfect for other parts of the car, like the screen on your Stereo. Where would we be without them? Mobile Phones nowadays do everything, texting, tweeting, and talking, so they are in constant use. So are all the other touch screen gadgets that have become indispensible to our daily lives. But greasy finger marks and smears look awful, and can harbour bacteria, QUiCKSHiNE Pod Caretm keeps your essential accessiories looking their best. Like an airbourne alien invasion force, dust is waiting to stick to your beautiful HD screen. Ever noticed that almost as soon as it is cleaned conventional products, the dust soon comes back to haunt your prized display screen? The reason is Static Electricity. QUiCKSHiNE Pod Care neutralizes the static that can get in the way of your favourite movie and make your screen swarm with dust.