© Quickshine Ltd 2010 NANOLOGY®  WATER RUGSTM NO WAITING  - THEY ABSORB WATER INSTANTLY For Hanging Baskets: Eliminates the daily chore of watering Hanging-Baskets. Now they will only need water once-a-week or less! When making up hanging-baskets, Put a Water Rug in before adding the soil. The water rug will absorb 400 times its weight in water. For Holiday watering  your Houseplants: While you are away, let Water Rugs care for your houseplants - for up to 3 weeks! Simply pre-soak (takes just moments) and place rugs under your plant pot Layer the water rugs according to how long you are away: 1 Water Rug = 1 week 2 Water Rugs =2 weeks 3 Water Rugs =3 weeks Pack of 3 Large Water Rugs - each rug is 120mm x 120mm - Made of a space age material which absorbs 400 TIMES its own weight in water, then feeds the water back into the soil as required.