Add boiling water sufficient to cover all the pieces and leave for five minutes... then just rinse in warm soapy water,  and as you wipe each piece dry, you'll see it shine like new. Take the Sachet SILVER SIDE UP, and place into the bottom of a washing-bowl. DO NOT OPEN THE SACHET (Just one sachet cleans all your silver. Simply put additional articles into  the bowl in batches) © Quickshine Ltd 2011 QUICKSHINE SILVER BATH -  INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: Tested by the Cutlery and Allied Trades Research association: found to be much safer on Silver Plate than conventional Polishes. QUICKSHINE® SILVER BATH Never polish the Silver again! Hot water and a Quickshine sachet - that's all you need to restore the lustre and sparkle to your Silverware. Just place all your tarnished items into the water with an unopened Quickshine sachet. The secret is electrolysis. The non-toxic compound sets up a minute electrical charge which immediately starts to draw the tarnish away. In a few minutes your Silver will be bright, shining and clean. No more hard polishing and dirty cloths, and no more build up of polish in corners and engravings - and Quickshine will not wear away your silver-plate like conventional polish. Each box contains 4 Sachets. Place all your silver into the bowl. IMPORTANT: To remove tarnish, at least one piece must touch the silver side of the sachet, and all the pieces touching each another I spotted your Quickshine silver bath in my local Waitrose....I followed the instructions, gave my silverware a bath, and hey presto, without any effort I had gleaming, sparkling, brilliant silverware.....what more can I say? Well done and thank-you. yours sincerely Mrs P A Moyce Click on each picture to see how easily it works  The American GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Institute tested QUICKSHINE SILVER BATH: Carolyn Forte of the Good Housekeeping Institute explains: “In our tests, we found that it did a really good job at removing tarnish from both sterling silver and silver plate. Good Housekeeping gave the Quickshine Silver Bath from the Improvements catalog a thumbs up